Alchemy Classic

Alchemy Classic 1.7.3

Bring out your inner alchemist


  • Interesting remake
  • Looks good
  • Lots of information on discovered elements


  • Limited appeal over time


Alchemy Classic is an interesting evolution-based game for your Android phone.

Alchemy Classic is a remake of a classic MS-DOS game called Alchemy. The idea is for you to combine the basic elements – air, water, fire and earth. Different combinations will create new elements, and these new elements, in turn, will combine to produce even more. The aim of the game is for you to find the Alchemy Classic combinations to create a total of 238 different elements.

There’s an Alchemy Classic quick guide to get you started, and you can configure the app to only let you see new combinations, so you don’t repeat yourself. Once you have discovered an element, you’ll be able to add it to your combinations by pressing the + button, and you can get information on each via the i button. There’s also an undo option.

Alchemy Classic is a really interesting idea, and the graphics and animations are good. We have a feeling that the game might lose its attraction quickly however – combining the elements is basically a combination of trial and error and luck, and that might not be enough to hold your attention for long.

Alchemy Classic is an interesting remake of a classic game – give it a try.

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Alchemy Classic


Alchemy Classic 1.7.3

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